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The absolutely simplest way to send us your device is to register yourself and your device on Service-web and check off that you want to have sent to you a 2R label at the same time. Then we send you a prepaid address label that you stick to your parcel, and all you need to do is to deliver the packet at the nearest post office, in-store postal service or to the rural postman.

As a customer you are charged for the expenses (see prices) for the use of 2R parcel label, but in some cases the dealer will cover the postage for you in the case of guarantee or defect.

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Before you send in service

To ensure the quickest and most problem-free service it is essential that all information and documentation that goes with the product is correct. Advance registration at our Service-web is the best basis for correct information and later identification. Below you will find a little checklist that can be useful.

Be sure to include all customer information. Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. Much of the information is mandatory when you register at our service-web.

Include all product information. Brand, model, serial number. This information is mandatory when you register at our service-web.

Give a description, as thorough as possible, of what fails to function. We don't need a technical analysis, just describe what does not function as before, and avoid vague terms as "does not work".

Remember your purchase certificate if you claim guarantee service. Without a purchase certificate the dealer can refuse guarantee service.

If you are a dealer or workshop and you choose not to use our Service-web, register the service in your own system with its own reference number. We carry out mare than 30,000 service assignments and it is considerably easier for us to find you service if you have a reference number. If you don't have your own system, always use Service-web.

If you choose not to use Service-web, write clearly. Many faulty registrations and misunderstandings are due to indistinct handwriting. Registration at Service-web naturally eliminates these problems.

If you are a dealer or workshop, include information about what equipment goes with the delivery. It is good practice to write it on the receipt you give to your customer. This way many unnecessary discussions can be avoided. When using Service-web, you get a printout of the receipt.



If you want your equipment to reach its destination safe and sound, it is important to pack the items properly. Make sure there is enough wrapping around them.
Note: TV sets with plasma screens need to be marked "fragile screen" and placed on half pallets, which means that they need to be transported vertically, strapped to the pallet.
Also make sure that the consignment is properly marked with both sender and receiver, so there is less chance for the package to go astray. If you use Bedriftspakke (business parcels) or Norgespakke, ? you will always get a receipt with a freight number. If you use another agent you will get a consignment note. It is important to take care of this so you can track the parcel on internet.

Small items:
Items that are within Posten Norge's limits for dimensions and weight (for Bedriftspakke it is 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm and 35 kg) can be sent by post. To ensure quick delivery you should choose Bedriftspakke (our 2R solution uses that) If you send it as other types of postal packages (i.e. Smartpost) we have experienced that it may take anything from a normal delivery time of three to four days and up to a week or two before we get the parcel. Bedriftspakke is somewhat more expensive, however. As a rule we use Bedriftspakke for the return and charge for freight and expenses on our invoice. For guarantee service this is added to the invoice to the dealer. If the parcel is to be sent Cash On Delivery, we use Servicepakke C.O.D. since Bedriftspakke is out of proportion more expensive. As an alternative to receiving the parcel C.O.D. you can choose to pay in advance. The advantage is that the parcel is sent as Bedriftspakke and that it is less expensive. Contact us for an agreement in each particular case.

TV sets and other large/heavy items:
Items that can not be sent by Posten Norge, must be sent through an alternative agent. There are several possibilities and it pays to check the price beforehand in each case, since freight costs are calculated in highly varying ways. We have seen differences of more than 500 % for the same consignment!

For the return we will use the same agent and, to make it simple, check for the recipient to pay for the freight. Thus transportation expenses will not be added to our invoice. The exception is guarantee service, when freight costs are to be paid by the dealer.

Note that we do not accept consignments that debit us for the freight costs, unless this has been agreed upon in each particular case.

If you contact us we can agree on assistance in booking of transportation.

If you don't need our help, contact one of the agents below and get a price on the transportation you choose.

DB Schenker
Main Office, Østre Akervei 17, N -0581 Oslo, tlf 07500

Tollpost Globe
Main Office, Alfaset 3. Industrivei 25, 0668 Oslo tlf 09300

Haukedal Transport & Spedisjon
Lønningshaugen 15, 5258 Blomsterdalen, tlf. 55 11 52 50


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