If you have video tapes you've been thinking you should copy to DVD or hard drive, we can handle old recordings that you have on tape (VHS, VHS-C, Video 8).




Qty  Copy to DVD,
DVD-disk included
Copy to harddisk,
cost of hardisk not included

Copy to DVD and harddisk,
DVD disk included,
but cost of hardisk not included

1 360  350 450
2-5 310  300 400
6+ 260  250 350

When copying to harddisk you can provide your own harddisk, or you can buy from us.
We do not keep harddisks in stock, they are ordered when needed. Contact us for price quote.

Prices in NOK including VAT. Cost of freight are additional. Last updated 06.01.2015


- Prices applies to VHS / S-VHS – VHS-C – Video8 – VideoHi8 – Mini DV. 
- Other special formats, or tapes with more than 3 hours recording has individual pricing.
- Extra copies on DVD cost NOK 100 per DVD for the first copy, then NOK 75 per DVD.
- We only use DVDs and harddisks of renown brand and quality.

DVDs are copied to regular DVD-R format. They can be played in all ordinary DVD players and PC's. Files on harddisk are in AVI-format.

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