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    Facts about 2R

    Return service from C&V implies that you make use of a pre-completed freight label (2R) which is simply attached to the parcels with products that are to be serviced by us. You may place several items in the same box, but size and weight must not exceed 120x60x60 cm and 35 kg. The parcel is garanteed to arrive within 1-3 days (corresponds to Bedriftspakke=Business parcel) and costs are billed in arrears by C&V for each individual order.

    In some cases the product dealer covers the freight expenses if it is a matter of warranty. Pro tem this applies to Grundig, JVC, Panasonic and Samsung.

    2R may be applied by private customers and companies alike.

    Make use of the form below to order.


    1 2rOrder
    Order 2R label (use the form below)

    2 2rAdhere
    When you receive the label from us you attach it to the parcel

    3 2rToPostoffice
    Deliver the parcel at the post office or to your postman.

    Order form 2R labels

    Important! These labels can only be used within Norway and from Svalbard

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