C&V is among the largest and leading service workshops in this country and it takes an active part in the continuous development the trade is going through. In an at times very pressed market C&V has consciously placed quality and reliability first, which we feel is what has brought us to the position we have today.

    Special competence

    We offer today special competence in various fields, both to ordinary consumers and to the professional market.

    -    Audio (sound products)
    -    VCRs
    -    Video cameras /DV cameras
    -    TV / Monitors / Projectors
    -    Broadcasting products
    -    Time laps
    -    DVC
    -    Surveillance
    -    Press equipment
    -    Photo / Flash equipment
    -    Optics
    -    Wireless telephones

    Delivery C&V receives repairs from all over the country, mostly from dealers and workshops, but also from individuals who choose to send it in themselves. This implies a large quantity of parcels that are mailed to and from us every day. We are actually one of the most important customers at Postens Bedriftspakke (Norwegian Post’s parcel post service) in our district.     




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