In January 2002 it was 20 years since the two partners Jostein Brandal and Magne Hvidsten founded Camera & Videoteknikk AS. In the course of these years the company has become a leader within photo- and videocamservice in the Nordic countries.

    Magne Hvidsten in front of the entrance to C&V in Ytre Arna in 1984.

    Brandal and Hvidsten are in 1981 employed as service technicians at Strømsnes workshop in Bergen. When Strømsnes choose to close down the workshop business, the two of them decide to continue in their own company. They take over instruments and stock, employ one of their colleagues and move to their own premises in Ytre Arna just outside Bergen. On the 1st of January 1982 the new firm is established and registered. The first years there is about as much service for photo and film products as for traditional brown goods. Most assignments are from their old employer Strømsnes, who have photo and brown goods stores all over the country.

    Chinon are at this time big within photo and cine, and it is service for photo and cine equipment as well as projectors that stand for the growth of the business the first years. In 1986 C&V get a deal with Kodak who at the time have some models produced by Chinon. Simultaneously an agreement is entered with Eklöw, the present Fujifilm, about service for Fuji cameras and videocamcorders.

    In 1989 C&V have 6 persons employed, and are gradually growing out of the premises in Ytre Arna. The business therefore move into 350 square meters at the present location in Liaveien in Åsane outside Bergen.

    Gradually more and more brands and types of equipment are serviced. A steadily increasing need for service for videocams resulted in formal cooperation with Canon in 1992. The same year the company for the first time introduce computers in the administration of all service, using the workshop application Elfo.

    The photo and video section in 1990 had room for four service technicians (two on either side of the work bench) and was virtually free from data equipment.

    The same section in 2002 has room for nine service technicians, here represented by three of them. The others sit at the other side of the work bench and along the opposite wall.

    The next years a booming development follows, with a steadily increasing number of suppliers and brands involved. In April 1996 floorage is expanded to 450 square meters. At the same time the TV and video department is upgraded to top level to be able to meet  with the requirements in connection with service for the latest equipment. The business now have 10 employees.

    In the autumn of 1997 C&V take in their first apprentice in accordance with the school reform of 1997. The next year some more are accepted and since then there have constantly been between three and five apprentices in the business. Most of them got a permanent job in the firm after finishing their apprenticeship.

    Digital photo and video is introduced on the market and C&V take an active part from the very first moment.

    In March 1999 there is a need for additional innovation and expansion, customer reception is moved and extended and new storage rooms are put to use. The overall floorage thereby amounts to about 700 square meters. In this connection an article was printed in Elektronikkbransjen  - the Electronic Business Journal. The article is available in PDF format and can be downloaded here.

    In the autumn of 1999 the firm works closely with Bleken Data on the development of their alternative to Elfo, MAB2000.

    In December 1999 Fujifilm Danmark move all their service from Germany to C&V. While many others in the trade think more and more service will go abroad, this firm proves that the opposite is possible.

    In January 2000 the relations with Canon are extended so that C&V becomes a fully assorted workshop for this supplier and the only workshop outside Canon that offers service for their DV products.

    In January 2001 the firm scraps Elfo and switches to the new and much more modern system MAB2000. In July the same year the collaboration with Bleken Data has led to the development of a new freight module in the program. The logistics for the products from when they arrive till they have been returned to the customer is for the first time integrated in the same system, with internet tracking all the way.

    Today Camera & Videoteknikk is situated in modern premises in Åsane in the outskirts of Bergen.

    Today C&V employ 23 individuals, of which 18 are full-time technicians. The business is leading within service for analogue as well as digital video and photo, but also go in for traditional brown goods and professional equipment. Service for digital video and photo products is developing rapidly and digital stills cameras make up the second largest line of goods. Through a dedicated offer to apprentices this business educates young people of both sexes for the trade. The possibilities for new markets are continuously evaluated and an expansion into the remaining Scandinavian market is considered.

    C&V are optimistic about the future. A competent staff, determined work towards suppliers and dealers and respect for basic goals have resulted in  a thoroughly healthy company which is taking a steadily growing share of a market in stagnation.

    C&V is a member of the largest group of service workshops in Norway, Elesco Norge. The chain was established in 1995 under the name of Servicekjeden, by C&V, Helgeland Elektronikkservice AS, Moer Radio/TV-Service AS, Service-Eksperten AS and Service Elektronikk AS. During the following years new members all over the country joined the chain. In December 2004 the chain chose to join Elesco Europe and consequently changed its name to Elesco Norge. Today the group consists of more than 30 well qualified workshops. You can read more about Elesco here.



    The customer in the center
    We put the customer in the center. If a product should be faulty it is important that the customer does not suffer. We therefore concentrate on speedy delivery and high-quality work.

    We handle more than 25,000 repairs yearly and are therefore dependent on reliable systems. Our data system, which is specially developed for this trade, makes this possible and we have full control of the equipment from when they arrive till they leave the workshop.




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