In March 2007 Nikon chose C&V as their service partner in Norway. We accept all consumer and professonal products in Nikon's range. On some products in the Coolpix series  and some consumer SLR cameras service is performed by Nikon's subvendor in Estonia. In these cases we only act as a link and a longer delivery time must be allowed for.

    Private  customers, dealers and workshops kan deliver or send their equipment directly to us for service.

    Here you will find useful information about shipment to our service workshop.

    Our address can be found on this page.

    We recommend the use of 2R freight labels when you send in equipment. However, these must be ordered in advance. Read more...


    Nikon warranty service


    Photo equipment, analogue and digital

    Copy of purchase receipt / warranty certificate MUST be included

    Nikon payable service


    Photo equipment, analogue and digital





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    We live in an era of increasingly pervasive digital technology. Digital cameras are produced for a vast range of requirements, providing people with ever more opportunities to capture images. And consumers are constantly looking for attractive new features that capitalize on digital technology.

    Applying technology originally perfected for film cameras, Nikon develops and markets digital cameras that are constantly being updated with new features through the application of digital imaging and network technologies. New product development is driven by raw feedback from our customers. And new features are developed as a result of requests and feedback received from customers across the globe, enabling Nikon to propose innovative ways to enjoy photographic images. Whether digital or film, Nikon cameras are for those who truly love photos and enhance people's enjoyment of images in many significant ways.

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